Tuesday 11 December 2007

365 / 116 - lots of secret stuff

Last night the boyfriend was out all evening so I worked on his Christmas present which is a secret and meant to be a surprise so photos will have to wait until after he's unwrapped it! :D

I meant to get my uk etsy seceret swap item finished to post today but totally failed to and then felt super-guilty when the post arrived and my swap item arrived! Lovely parcel...
... and inside was two gorgeous notecards and a super-sweet bag from the lovely Katy. Oh I do so love this swapping lark.
In the boyfriend's absence - either because I was lonely and needed cheering up or because I knew he would veto it - I did some Etsy shopping. I have been starting to properly decorate and put my collection of prints and postcards etc up in our flat, and it's making me want to buy even more art. So, in the past 24 hours I have treated myself to a gocco print of mugs of tea by the ever-awesome Kate Sutton, a print of assorted apples by the endlessly talented Bombus and just the cutest little dolly-mixture loving bird by one of my new Etsy favourites, Kate Wilson. I'm already planning where to put them...