Wednesday 5 December 2007

365 / 110 - Successful Schemes: Poinsettia

This time last week I was working on Secret Schemes, aka new patterns. A couple of those patterns are still very much schemes (the exact designs are still being tweaked) but one is ready to be revealed:
A lovely bold poinsettia brooch, with two layers of red leaves on a dark green background (meant to represent the rest of the plant) and lovely bright yellow beads in the centre. The whole thing was sparked off in my brain by finding those yellow beads in my stash when I was testing out beads for my new cherry blossom pins.
I'm quite pleased with this one, and it was an absolute pleasure to make. Delightfully there is even some half-decent light out this morning so I've been able to photograph it and shall be adding it to the shop this evening.

More photos for you, which should have been in yesterday's blog post... My new accounts book, with the old one on top:
And my latest felt purchase, including really lovely pinks and purples and a gorgeous soft yellow: