Sunday 23 December 2007

Crafting 365, days 119-126 - sofa-bound sewing

So, time to catch up on all the sewing I got done whilst half-asleep on my sofa... I was ill for a whole week, so though I couldn't go into work and my housework piled up around me and my Christmas preparations lay, er, unprepared, I did manage to get quite a lot of sewing done!

First up, on day 119 (Friday) I finished my secret swap item. My swap partner received it a few days ago so now I get to show off what I sent - a bold flower pin, made as brightly coloured as possible as she said she disliked Laura Ashley-type prints:
Then on Saturday I was in bed all day so no crafting for me (sob!), but I was back on the sofa and sewing more flowers on Sunday&Monday (days 120 & 121). These flowers were started on day 114 but I had to keep them a secret as I'd decided to send a specially-beaded one to my swap partner. Here's my work in progress (stitched whilst watching a Harry Potter movie on day 114)
... and then here are the finished flowers:They'll be listed in the shop in January, available in five lovely soft pinks & purples. The beads add a bit of sparkle which I think works really well (it took me sooo long to decide which beads to use) and they've got a bit of shape to them, felicitously caused by my stitching pulling the felt a little too tight!

I was on a bit of a beaded flower roll this week, as on day 122 I made a big batch of poinsettias (almost past the season for these I know but it makes me feel very organised to be already laying in stocks for next winter) ...
... and days 123, 124 and 125 were spent finishing off loads of red poppies and making some new white ones as well:
I had completely sold out of the poppies during my Christmas rush so it's great to have them back in stock. I've got a big list of out-of-stock (or almost) designs that I need to work through methodically making batches of them, but no doubt I will be breaking out and making lots of crazy new things as well to stave off repetition-induced boredom. While I've been feeling poorly though making the same things over and over has been the ideal thing to keep me contentedly occupied whilst not having to think too much!

Now I'm a little more awake, I'm making a batch of slightly more fiddly flowers - my cherry blossom pins:
Sewing them is still a lovely soothing process but there's more thread-colour changes and leaves to add and so forth. No way I could have made them earlier in the week!

Right, that's everything caught up I think... on with the crafting...

UPDATE: My dahlia, poinsettia and poppy designs are now available as sewing patterns! (I'll be adding the cherry blossoms sometime soon, as well!) Visit my shop to see all my printable PDF patterns


Anonymous said...

so glad you are feeling better in time for Christmas. Have a very Happy Christmas!

Hazel Nicholls said...

I love your work, especially your poppies.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

so I just found your ponseittas and am asking for permission to print your picture of it. for my mom (she's 85 and just moved into an adult care home) I want to see if she has enough mind left to do a new craft (she's sewed, knitted crochet, crossstitch) but really can't do those any more) I want to see if she can do a large felty? Would you mind so much? thanks you can leave me a ya or ney on a comment on my blog. thanks sooo much. ps I love your designs, colours and creations!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hi colourdujour - sorry but I'd prefer that your mum didn't copy my designs! I'd definitely recommend felt as a fun craft though :)