Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring: Sprung

I have done no sewing the past couple of days - instead I've been sitting outside in the sunshine, tending to my balcony "garden", and generally lazing about a bit. Our daffs have started to flower...... and lots of springtime treasures have started popping up in all sorts of small corners:It was so warm and sunny this morning that we even had breakfast (well, okay, it was more like brunch) sitting outside on a blanket, with this little fellow for company:


goshery said...

Isn't Spring grand? Lovely photos.

Rhiannon said...

hurrah for spring!

Laura Cameron said...

Fabulous! We've been walking around double over with faces to the ground in the garden to see what's coming up! Spring is exciting! Enjoy!

pam harris said...

Thank you for the gorgeous spring photos! I'll have to take your word for it - spring it mean! Winter still seems to have a tenacious hold here!


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