Tuesday 24 March 2009

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Good Blog

Are you running a creative business? Or dreaming of running one? Then check out the great new project from Jena of Modish: the Modish Biz Tips blog.

I've already lost count of the amount of times things mentioned on this blog have rung bells with me, and it seems I'm not alone: the comments are filled with crafters and other creative types sharing their experiences, all of which make for a great extra read and suggests this might turn into an amazing community space as well as a useful resource of articles and interviews.

Highly recommended reading for your teabreak!
PS It's official: tea tastes better drunk from your favourite mug!


Tumus said...

Oh yes I've stumbled across that new blog thanks to Betz White's blurb on it too! It really is a good read and has lots of issues addressed and things crafters struggle with. It's like a raw, insiders look about the art & craft business.

Sensible reading.

Mixing-Katie said...

What a great read -- I haven't read that blog before, happy to have 'found' it :-)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Thanks for the tip...I will check it out. And by the way...coffee tastes better in your favorite mug too! lol

Stay Cozy, Carrie

modish said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting about my new site, I very much appreciate it! :)

And thanks ladies above for your kind comments, too!

bex said...

thanks for that....im going to read it properly soon....its just what i have been hoping to find!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that, Lupin - really good reading material there, so much to think about, and consider in relation to all the "business" side of crafting, and from people already "there" and further on. Very useful.

domestikate said...

Interesting fact alert! Thanks for the quote - I can use it to justify the large amount of time I recently spent searching for the perfect mug for work!