Sunday 28 October 2007

365 / 75 - a saucer of biscuits

I spent a fair bit of time yesterday tidying the house and doing odd little chores like filing this and cleaning that... I rather wore myself out, and come the evening I was super-sleepy. I curled up on the sofa and listened to the radio for a while, and finished off the batch of biscuit brooches I've been working on:
(the saucer they're on used to belong to my grandmother, each cup and saucer in the set is a different soft pastel colour, so cute).

In other news, I am dead annoyed today cos I had planned to bake scones and when I got the flour out of the cupboard I found that the horrid bugs had returned. So icky and so annoying (especially as I'd just restocked that cupboard after the last time!). Bah.

To cheer myself up a little, I feel it is time for some ego-boosing links... My work has recently shown up on an assortment of fun little blogs. My moustache cards were featured on Found it on Etsy, my moustache pins on The Crafty Devils blog, and my library project zine and the moustaches themselves got a mention on ScribbleSisters (the blog world seems to like moustaches!). Also one of my bird mobiles was featured on a great little blog about kids stuff and the lovely jen1kanobi wrote some very sweet things about my shop following my featured seller "fame" (haha what a joke that is!)

Right, I still don't feel completely cheered up so I am going to go and eat some jaffa cakes (mmm, jaffa cakes...) and drink a nice soothing cup of tea...


Charlie P said...

YEY! Party rings! Nearly forgot they existed. Mmmm, can't wait to get back to England to buy some. It sucks about your flour though. There's nothing worse than being in the mood to bake and not being able to. Have a nice cup of tea instead x

tess said...

just love those party rings, they look delicious, hope the tea and jaffa cakes made you feel better.

Blooming Felt said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm - JAFFA CAKES !!! What better biscuit (or is it a cake??) to partner a nice cup of tea. No good for dunking though ;o) Sarah x