Saturday 6 October 2007

Crafting 365 / 53 - a veritable binge of sewing and a narrow escape

I'm just starting a large custom mobile that was ordered this week and as that will likely be eating up all my crafty hours over the next week or so I wanted to "clear the decks" a bit before I started. So yesterday I made a determined effort to sit and finish a big pile of things that needed finishing (mostly bird ornaments) and also to get a few pieces cut out for some brooches so I could make them quickly in spare moments & get them back in stock on the old Etsy. I had quite a successful evening's worth of sewing, lots of goodies ready to photograph and then gradually list and I even tried out a new idea - little bird brooches. You can just see them in the top left hand corner of the photo...
I was going to make another bird ornament to add to the pile but decided to turn it into brooches instead and having two decorated sides I thought I would try out two sorts: one flat and one plush. Decidedly the plush version has won my heart, so you will be seeing more of them, but the flat one does have an odd flat-but-strangely-obsese charm to him.

Right when I was in the middle of this felt binge our birthday-celebrating friend and his parents came round for a drink (the "NOT 30" badge went down well, hurrah! I may make some similar ones for Etsy...) and his mother even left with one of my plush owls pinned to her lapel (so great seeing people wearing them). Unfortunately at that point my boyfriend spilled a whole glass of red wine whilst sitting next to me and my felt-works-in-progress... but he spilled it *away* from the felt and "only" all over our friend's shirt. You can see where my priorities lie that I immediately said "thank goodness you spilled it in that direction!" haha, but in all seriousness I might have killed him otherwise (and the shirt has come out fine in the wash). From now on: no wine near the precious felt! :)