Friday 5 October 2007

Crafting 365 / 52 - lots of finished brooches, also more shopping

Last night I had a cosy evening in, listening to the radio and getting lots of brooches finished. I added black pupils and brooch backs to a whole parliament of owls and stuffed them, and also finished a few biscuit badges. Fun project of the evening though was making a birthday badge for a friend who is turning 29...
... because the important thing about turning 29 is of course that you are not yet turning 30! :)

Yesterday I got excellent post (just before the strike started at lunchtime), my Major Teacup t-shirt from ScaryGoRound. Yesterday being of course Thursday I couldn't resist modelling my new tshirt for Self Portrait Thursday over on Flickr. The UK Etsy gang's theme of the week was chocolate, so I had to dig out the Green & Blacks (you know, cos they forced me, haha), that and the moustache made for rather a mental photo...

Also yesterday I did some more Etsy shopping, buying a whole bundle of Kate Bingaman's Daily Purchase zines which I've wanted for just ages. This in my mind demonstrates the dangerous dangers of leaving some money in your paypal account instead of taking it out very speedily to help pay for bills etc. I have also been doing worrying amounts of window-shopping, with my eye on several sets of cards (like I ever need to buy any more cards for the whole of my life!) and a couple of prints, including one I am particularly in love with from Heidi Burton whose work is just genius (and not just because she a fellow tea-obsesso). I shall have to sell a few more Etsy things before I have paypal dollars to spend though :)

(Oh and a final happy-dance inducing bit of Etsy news, one of my very favourite Etsy artists bought something from my shop yesterday. Yay!)