Sunday 7 October 2007

Crafting 365 / 54 - a new mobile

Yesterday I made a start on the custom mobile I mentioned... I made a big mess of the kitchen table, spreading out the chosen pastel felt colours and cutting them all into pieces. The discs for this mobile are to be one-sided only (it will be flat on a wall, not hanging centrally and spinning) and it was interesting to break from my normal process of cutting two of every piece. It's also very interesting making something to someone else's colours and seeing how different the pieces look in this softer palette.
I managed to sew a few of the discs together before I went to bed, but there are still lots to do! I also managed to get a small batch of cloud brooches finished and relisted, though I wasn't totally awake and managed to sew one of the clouds on the wrong way round! Very annoying. I shall probably list it as a slightly discounted oops or something, there's nothing technically wrong with it... it just doesn't look quite right to me & it certainly looks different to the photos in my listing! Ah well. Must pay more attention next time! Here are the clouds nestling amongst the pastel discs - I think the grey looks quite nice next to the pastel colours...
I also did a little bit of dull work on my accounts last night, which is why my crafting 365 photo contains a calculator (resting on my snazzy accounts book - it's only snazzy on the outside, believe me!). Nothing too interesting/important, just adding up a few expenses from last month in an attempt to keep up with my paperwork!


alabama whirly said...

I bow to your consumate craftiness ; )