Tuesday 23 October 2007

365 / 69 & 70 - moustaches, parcels and taking a small break

Phew, the chaos seems to be over now! I have so many parcels to package up and orders to attend to that I am going to take an Etsy break for a few days - I'll still be working on anything ordered before today, but any orders from now until the weekend will have to wait for next week. I feel rather as though I have spent the past couple of days in a lovely Etsy bubble and now re-emerged back into the real world... and the real world is a bit messy, I need to buy some groceries and I'm about to run out of parcel tape.

So, I will be taking a small break from blogging too... tho the daily crafting will still be going on, and getting photographed, there will just be lots of photos to look at upon my return :)

For the moment though, here are days 69 & 70...
Both days I have been making moustaches, here are some from day 69
Also both days I have been packaging parcels (not the most creative act in the world, I know, but a very necessary one! and I like to make my parcels look nice!), here are some of the ones I packaged up on day 70:
The people in the queue behind me in the Post Office are not going to be happy! haha.

Things I have learnt this week:
1) I am not nearly as organised as I'd like to think myself - going from the occasional sale to briefly creeping into the unofficial "Top Sellers of the last 24 hours" list has rather broken me and my so called "systems" :)
2) Preparing things in advance like thankyou cards to go in orders is probably the most useful thing I've done with myself this crafty month. It has been so nice to put a hand-decorated thankyou note in with all my orders (whenever I've bought anything on Etsy a thankyou note has been wonderful to receive) but I never would have had the time to write them during packing (and they would have been quite illegible!!)

3) Post-it notes are the best invention EVER. I have been writing order details down on a post-it note, and sticking it to the correct size of envelope, so the details are right there for addressing, packing, customs-labelling, etc the package and I can write little notes to myself (check address! which colour? etc) and not lose them. Wonderful, wonderful little sticky things.

Right, that's all from me for the moment...


Felicia said...

Love your mustaches :)

pinkgreen said...

I'm glad it is going so well for you. You do sound busy so I'm not surprised you are taking a break from blogging. Looking forward to seeing you back soon!
Cathy XX