Thursday 4 October 2007

Crafting 365 / 49, 50, 51 - lots to catch up on!

Well, I've been getting a little better (hurrah!) but of course now there is so much to catch up on that several things have been getting neglected including this whole blogging lark. Must Try Harder.

So, time to catch up on a few things from the past three days or so...

Day 49, I got quite a lot of sewing done as I was still mostly sofa-bound. I finished off lots of things from my wip pile, including loads of little birdies destined for my Etsy shop (though the leopard-print one is a gift for my MIL who is coming to dinner on Sunday)
Day 50 (I can't believe it's day 50 already!!), starting to get busy again after so many days doing nothing "useful" at all, but I still curled up in front of a West Wing episode in the evening and finished these few things from the wip pile
Day 51 (yesterday) was both busy and full of distractions.
I went shopping for two sheets of felt and came back with dozens (yum).
There was a crazy person outside my house shouting at people and talking to cats for several hours until the community police officers were called & returned her to the care home which had left her there in the first place (she'd wandered off during a day-trip it would seem).
And my poor next door neighbours had their first trip to Casualty with their wee kiddie so their evening out and our quiet night of babysitting got nixed in favour of a takeaway and lots of chitchat....
So I only managed to get a teeny bit of knitting in right at the end of the evening.
My photo for day 51 shows how little I actual managed to get done in contrast to how much I have "in progress" that needs doing! My knitting for the day is up in the top right corner...

In other news, I have been nerdishly tidying up my felt stash. This is it in its entirety:
So much delicious felt. I love my local market so much!

And then because I felt like doing some shopping yesterday and there is nothing in my hometown that I want to spend money on (aside from delicious wonderful felt, obviously) I had a mini Etsy spending spree with some of the cash in my paypal account. I finally bought Kate Sutton's tea badges (which I've been eyeing up for literally months), and gave in to the irresistable lure of some awesome tea-themed fabric from Namolio (I am feeling a dangerous urge to aquire tea-themed crafty supplies coming on...).

Then - prompted by her being the well-deserved Etsy Featured Seller - I invested in two amazingly awesome prints from one of my very favourite Etsy artists, Little Robot. I had my eye on the original of this for ages but had no money at the time (I also rather wanted the storage beard (an artist who designs a storage beard gets my votes any day of the week, I tell you)) so I'm dead chuffed to have added the print to my budding Etsy art collection. Given my current moustache obsession I couldn't resist buying this print too :)

All that shopping and I'd still not managed to spend more than £20 (including shipping). Ah, Etsy, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Oh yes and that reminds me, one of my mobiles was on the Etsy front page the other day:
Also there's currently an Etsy treasury inspired by my moustache cards (how lovely is that?) and I've been blogged a fair bit recently... the lovely Rosehip blogged about her moustache disguise, Feltbug was "subliminally influences" by all the circles in my mobiles, and Swirlyarts has adopted my habit of working from trays. Hurrah!

I'm shutting up now cos this post is long enough already! :)


Swirlyarts said...

Yay!! I got mentioned on your blog - whoo hoooo! I am that sad really :) Love that tea t-shirt by the way!