Tuesday 10 March 2020

Lucky Pants! Fun Embroidery Pattern

Hello friends!

The latest project in my "oooh, I wonder if any of my old designs would make cute embroidery patterns?" series is this fun rainbow LUCKY PANTS embroidery pattern:


Years ago I used to make and sell silly little felt underpants badges (click here for the free tutorial to make your own!)...

... and I made a colourful bit of lucky pants themed textile art, too! I had that piece very much in mind when designing my lucky pants embroidery pattern.


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I stitched most of my lucky pants design with backstitch, using three strands from six-stranded embroidery thread (floss). It's possible that I only used two strands for the lettering but I have helpfully forgotten to write this down! (Oops). I also added a single French knot for the dot of the exclamation mark.

The pattern is designed so you can stitch the lines in six rainbow colours, but you could use different shades if you'd prefer. I stitched the lettering in black and the pants themselves with sparkly gold thread. Metallic embroidery thread can be a bit of a faff to stitch with but it's totally worth it, just take your time. For extra sparkle, why not add some sequins?


I stitched the design in a 5 inch embroidery hoop then framed it in a 4 inch hoop so the embroidery goes right up to the edge of the hoop. If you decide to do this, learn from my mistake and make sure you don't leave any knots right at the ends of the lines as they'll bulge against the wood of the hoop and make your finished piece look less neat.

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