Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Felt Chicken & Egg Easter Ornaments Tutorial

Make some cute felt chicken and egg ornaments this spring with this easy sewing tutorial.

Felt ornaments aren’t just for Christmas!

Decorate a Spring or Easter display with these cute felt chicken and egg decorations – they’d look fab hung from doorknobs, or from a cluster of budding twigs in a vase. I think they'd also make lovely gifts.

I used three pastel colours to make my ornaments (pastels for spring is such a classic look!) but you could go bolder or choose more realistic chicken and egg shades. A whole garland of chickens in different colours (maybe a rainbow??) would look awesome.

You could also use the templates to sew felt chicken brooches (in my opinion you really can’t have too many fun felt chickens).

This tutorial originally appeared on The Village Haberdashery's blog - visit their shop for lots of crafty goodness!

You will need: 

- The printable PDF templates (click here to view and dowload them!)
- Felt in assorted colours, including orange for the chickens' beaks
- Sewing threads to match all the felt colours except orange
- Co-ordinating embroidery thread (floss)
- Co-ordinating narrow ribbon
- Toy stuffing
-  A sewing needle and pins
- Sewing scissors (embroidery scissors are perfect for cutting out small felt pieces)
- A ruler

To make each ornament:

1. Use the templates provided to cut out two chickens, two wings, and two eggs. If you’re making a set of the ornaments, plan your colour choices in advance so they’re mixed and matched across the set.

2. Flip over one set of the templates. Position the wings on the chickens, as shown below. Sew them in place with running stitch and matching sewing thread.

3. Cut a length of contrasting embroidery thread (floss) and separate half the strands (so you’ll be using three out of the six strands). Use the thread to sew three long stitches on each of the wings and one stitch on each of the tail feathers.

4. Add a black bead or small black sequin to each side of the chicken, creating its eyes.

Tip: don’t have any black beads or sequins the right size? Cut tiny circles of black felt instead, or sew a few overlapping stitches with black embroidery thread.

5. Use the beak template to cut one beak from orange felt. Turn over one of the chicken pieces and position the beak, as shown. Sew it in place with whip stitch, taking care to sew into the felt of the chicken but not through it (so your stitches won’t show on the outside of the ornament).

6. Cut two pieces of narrow ribbon: one 18cm (7 inches) long, one 4cm (1½ inches) long. Fold the longer piece into a loop and sew it at the top of the chicken, as pictured, with whip stitches (again make sure you sew into the felt but not through it). Then use more whip stitches to add the smaller piece to the bottom of the chicken, as shown.

7. Place the two sides of the chicken together and join the edges with blanket stitch or whip stitch and matching sewing thread. Leave a gap along the bottom edge, lightly stuff the chicken with toy stuffing then sew up the gap. Tip: for even stuffing, add small pieces at a time to gradually fill up the shape.

8. Attach one of the felt egg shapes to the small piece of ribbon sticking out from below the chicken. Use whip stitch and matching thread, sewing into the felt but not through it.

9. Place the two egg shapes together and join the edges with blanket stitch or whip stitch and matching sewing thread. Leave a gap at the bottom, lightly stuff the egg with toy stuffing then sew up the gap.

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