Wednesday 4 March 2015

Book Review: Crafty Dolls

Last year I reviewed a very cute, family-friendly craft book called Crafty Creatures... and today I'm reviewing the follow-up: Crafty Dolls.

Crafty Creatures was completely adorable and this second book is just as cute. As before, the book includes projects to knit and to sew, which are all achievable projects for kids or other beginners and which all include lots of possibilities to personalise the designs and to be creative.

How could you resist a book with a title page as cute as this one?

I love the little doll the author, Jane Bull, has knitted of herself and how both Janes welcome you to the book!

Crafty Dolls is divided into four sections: rag dolls, "woolly" dolls, "dolly mixtures" and a techniques and tips section with clear step-by step photos. The templates are all provided at full size and are dotted throughout the book.

The rag dolls build on the same basic patterns, with variations and accessories so you can mix and match bodies, hair, faces, clothes and accessories to create personalised dolls or dolls with a whole wardrobe of outfits to choose from.

You can also make ballerina or fairy folls, topsy-turvy dolls and a mermaid with wonderful yarn hair.

In the "woolly" dolls section there are dolls to knit and dolls to make from gloves and yarn scraps. There are step by step photos for the knitting patterns as well as the sewing patterns and, again, there are lots of suggestions for ways to personalise your dolls and create lots of different dolls from the same patterns.

I love these simple dolls knitted from simple squares:

Finally, the "dolly mixtures" section includes doll-shaped lavender bags, small pillows with characters drawn on and one of the cutest things I have ever seen: mini dolls for the rag dolls to play with... which come with even more teeny dolls of their own! All with matching outfits!


Cute, charming and with lots of clear instructions and simple, kid-friendly projects this is a fab little book. It would be a great book to buy if you've got young relatives to make gifts for (who wouldn't want a doll version of themself for their birthday?) or if your kids are learning to knit and/or to sew things for themselves.

Crafty Dolls is published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd. RRP £12.99. It's available from Amazon UK, Amazon USA, The Book Depository and many other bookshops.

Please note: I was sent a free review copy of this book. The Amazon & Book Depository links in this post are affiliate links.