Tuesday 28 June 2011

Recycled Flowers

More new flowers!

These are made with recycled felt made from old wool jumpers (sweaters) - I only had small quantities of this felt, so was only able to make one or two brooches in each colour.

The recycled felt is very thick, which results in lovely, chunky flowers. The large ones would look great on a jacket or winter coat.

I'll be adding these to my Etsy shop gradually over the next few days - if there's one you've got your eye on, let me know and I can reserve it for you.

All the flowers I've finished recently have been in my work-in-progress boxes for a while now - it's very satisfying to have finally had the time to get them finished, photographed and into my shops.

Plus: now there's lots of room in my wip boxes for some new projects :)


Rosie said...


Artfully Made said...

They're really lovely. I work a lot with felted jumpers too, it's a brilliant fabric to work with.

Bugs and Fishes said...

I don't use it very much, but always love it when I do. I must try and think up some new projects for my sweater stash!