Monday 10 August 2009

Crafty Beginnings

I visited my parents this weekend and took the opportunity to take a quick snap of one of the earliest things I can remember sewing - a little appliquéd felt apple:
I think we all made one in class at primary school, given a square of green felt, two pre-cut shapes, a needle and thread and lots of supervision! A perfect early project :)


Unknown said...

It's beautiful. Perfect in it's simplicity.

My mum has my first cross-stitch on Binca. Remember that?

It's a pencil case.

Pomona said...

That's lovely - maybe you should revive that design. Some nice little red apple brooches - just right for Pomona!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

How cool is that! :)

flowerpress said...

Isn't that amazing! How great your mum kept it so long :-)

bex said...

its great that they still have it, so cute

Amanda said...

How neat! I wish kids still got to do things like that in school! :)