Friday, 31 July 2009

An Exhibition

Ah, how annoying it is to be ill!

Most annoying of all to be cancelling so many plans and postponing so many fun crafty schemes... but for the moment, naps and general resting must take priority over other (much more interesting) occupations.

Atop my list of "things to do when I feel better" is visiting the Between the Covers exhibition at The Women's Library, in London.

The reason? Well, aside from the exhibition looking pretty darn interesting, one of my zines is apparently in it! So thrilling.

I only found out by chance - a blogging friend (who happened to know about my anti-fashion zine This Seasons Must Have) happened to go to the exhibition and spot one of my zines framed on the wall and kindly let me know about it via Twitter. Ah, how I love the internet and our lovely friendly crafty community.


treaclezoo said...

wow, that's true fame indeed - will be a very exciting visit when you're up to it :o) I enjoyed the one I bought last month, #15 - the bit about the dirty kitchen took me straight back to my days in halls, lol x

Dark Fairy said...

Wis you a speedy recovery Laura, it is so frustrating to be ill with all those ideas. big fairy sparkle hugx

Tracy said...

Keep getting better!

From someone who enjoys reading your blog - here's to your continued success. I'm raising a glass of Dt. Pepsi to you. I don't drink the hard stuff.