Monday, 20 July 2009


I know they're only numbers, but it's always so exciting hitting milestones in my shops... and this week I'm approaching two at once. I'm a few sales away from 100 items sold in my Folksy shop and a few away from 2000 in my Etsy shop (eeek!).

As always, I'll be sending out celebratory freebies with the lucky milestone orders, so if you fancy some extra felty goodness keep an eye on those totals ;)

I am so amazed that this wonderful crafty nonsense is becoming my "real job" - many thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far!


Vixanne said...

Congratulations! 2 fantastic milestones at once. Keep the felty lovliness coming :)

Flora said...

Wow that is phenomenal and inspirational!

Congratulations x

Crafty Koala said...

Thats so exciting. Just think, there are 300 hundred people wandering around happily, proudly displaying your designs. That is so cool!!

Clare xx

Dichohecho said...

Think of all those miles of felty goodness you've despatched unto the world :D

Anonymous said...

I've been following your work for a while, because I find it totally inspirational!
When somebody asks me: "What do you want to be in the future?"
I just think: "I want to be like Lupin"
Congratulations for your hard work and for your creativity!


Anonymous said...

you are so lucky! And talented, of course! :-)

flowerpress said...

Lots of hard work and well deserved sales. Congratulations :-)

Dark Fairy said...

Congratulations Lupinx

Clare said...

Wow i'm so impressed and very much in awe. I can't even imagine being in this position, but it's very motivating knowing someone else has managed it. Congratulations!