Tuesday 10 February 2009

Second Scarf of the Year

I'm about half way through my second knitting project of 2009 - another scarf, in the same purple yarn as before, but this time in rib stitch (alternating 2 knit, 2 purl stitches).

I am so unused to alternating between stitches that I keep forgetting to switch over and/or miscounting and having to go back and undo some stitches or unravel a whole section (I have done this at least 3 times now, maybe more).

Here are a couple of very quick snaps of it in progress - the colour of the second picture is much more accurate:Plus, for anyone who is interested check out the difference between doing just plain knit and doing rib stitch:I cast on the same number of stitches for each scarf as I deliberately wanted to compare them... the rib stitch bunches up in a lovely elastic way making it much narrower and super dense and snugly.


Val_ said...

I've already told you, I know, but I love this purple! And I love this kind of scarves: easy but beautiful.

Tumus said...

I should post up pictures o my neck warmer I'm attempting. I used to only be able to do purl stitching and then by the miracle of science :lol: I FINALLY understood the "knit" stitch and was able to do that one.

Ah knitting. So many rows so many rip outs LOL

looking good!!

Mrs Mac said...

Very glad to have found your blog! I must add it to my blogroll and come back!!!

I love felt. I had a go at needle felting last year but haven't had time - or health!- to do much crafty stuff this year. I miss it and must get into a routine again!


Anonymous said...

I just taught myself to knit last week, my first scarf with purple wool, straight knitting is now 50 cm long. And I thrifted a wool sweater to unravel for my next project, you should give that a try. I also sew felt with felt that I bought from your etsy shop. Love your blog check mine out at simoninigans.blogspot.com.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you, I now know what that stitch is called. I've been trying to figure out what the stitch is on my coat so I can try to make one and thats what it is :D

Anonymous said...

This is a great color and I love the overall texture!

Pair of Writers said...

Great scarves, and I'm glad you showed both so we could see the different stitches. Looks great!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Purple is such a lovely colour. The scarve is looking good.