Thursday 12 February 2009

Stocking up on some Essentials

I was a little bit overexcited to find my butterfly mobile tutorial mentioned Craft, Apartment Therapy and AT's childrens decor blog ohdeedoh this week. So many lovely features, on so many lovely blogs! I am, as they say, dead chuffed (though what a shame to read about the end of Craft's print magazine!)

Slightly less exciting (but still rather marvellous) I went on a shopping trip yesterday and bought a whole bundle of knitting needles in assorted sizes from the few local charity shops that still sell them ...
... and some yummy balls of marbled yarn (deliciously soft and chunky) from the haberdashers at my local market. A mottled grey, a pink & purple blend and a lush autumnal mix of brown, teal, orange and gold:
I still haven't finished my second scarf, but as an antidote to all that purple I've made a start on a grey one - using rib knit again as I think I need the practice, haha. I am in love with it already, all those mottled greys! Yum yum.


Anonymous said...

Oooh such a fab shopping hoarde. Lucky you on such a find!

Tumus said...

Verigated yarns are super fun too! I really want to try the rib stitch but I'm busy finishing up my neck warmer :lol: I need to find two large wooden buttons for it.

And I was also sad to hear the Craft would no longer be in "print". I have a nice assortment of their magazines and have always enjoyed it greatly. I think I might see about finding some back issues. Well at least it will save some trees :)

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hiya! I LOVE your needles and yarn! They are fantastic! I get VERY EXCITED about knitting needles and yarn. :>

Looking forward to seeing your finished knitting projects.


Rhiannon said...

I love charity shops for that very reason - I was nearly shocked at how many of the ones round me stock wool as a matter of course!

I love the grey yarn it looks very scrummy indeed


Beaky said...

Great find! My needles are a real mixture like that as I have picked them up at charity shops over the years. Knitting rocks!
B x