Friday 3 September 2021

Sew a Felt Bird Mask for Halloween

I've started a Patreon page!

Patreon is a bit like a blog, but you can set different membership levels and offer subscriber-only content to people who are interested in your work. My plan for my page is to gradually build up a pattern library, turning all the crafty projects on my blog into easy-to-print PDF files with hi-res templates / easily printable patterns.

Subscribers will get access to all the PDFs I've added to the library so far, and be notified by email when I add new ones.

It's going to take me a good while to work through my whole archive, but I'll also be adding PDF versions of all the new patterns/templates I share here on my blog over the coming months.

I'll also be posting some of my old newsletter projects exclusively for my Patreon subscribers... starting with a whole bunch of fun felt masks to sew for Halloween :)

First up: a tutorial for sewing a felt bird mask!

This was the first felt mask I made back in the early days of my online shop - look how young and fresh-faced I look in that photo!!! How time flies when you're busy sewing stuff from felt!

Want to sew your own bird mask? Click here to check out my new Patreon page and sign up.

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