Thursday 24 September 2020

New in My Shop: Wooden Snowflakes, Toadstools, and More!

Things have been a bit quiet on my blog recently but I've been busy working on lots of new projects and adding lots of new things to my shop.

I was particularly delighted to receive a batch of new wooden bits and bobs from one of my suppliers recently: there are so many crafty possibilities in these lovelies!

There's a box of 45 little wooden snowflakes...

... big plywood buttons...

 ... a trio of toadstools...

 ... and a set of Christmas / fir trees, too! (How fab would those look decorated with paint and glitter??!?)

I just ordered a few sets of each to try them out, so my stock levels are a little low right now (in fact the Christmas trees sold out already!) but I'm hoping to order lots more in October. 


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