Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Felt Hearts & Kisses Tic Tac Toe Set for Valentine’s Day

Instead of Noughts and Crosses, why not play a game of Hearts and Kisses!

Use colourful wool blend felt to make this felt game board and pieces decorated with hearts and X-shaped “kisses”. For even quicker crafting, glue the felt game pieces together with craft glue and make a board from colourful card.

This tutorial originally appeared on The Village Haberdashery's blog - visit their shop for lots of crafty goodness!

You will need:

The template sheet provided (click here to view, download and print the PDF).
Wool blend felt in light pink, bright pink, dark purple and light purple.
Sewing thread to match the pink felt.
Stranded embroidery thread to match the light purple felt.
A sewing needle and pins.
White tissue paper.
A ruler and a pencil.
Sewing scissors or embroidery scissors (these are great for cutting out small felt shapes!).
Optional: an air-erasable fabric marker.

To make the Tic Tac Toe set:

1. Use the templates provided to cut 12 circles from bright pink felt and 12 circles from light pink felt. Also cut out six bright pink hearts and six crosses.

2. Sew each heart and cross onto a contrasting felt circle with backstitch and matching thread, as shown.

3. Join the decorated and plain felt circles together using blanket stitch and matching sewing thread (if you prefer, you could use whip stitch or running stitch instead of blanket stitch).

4. Cut out two six by six inch squares: one from light purple felt and one from dark purple felt. Use a ruler and a pencil to create a square paper template, or use a ruler and an air erasable fabric marker to draw the squares directly onto the felt.

5. Trace the grid from the template sheet onto a piece of white tissue paper. Pin the tissue paper to the dark purple square so that the design is centred in the square. Tack the paper to the felt with large stitches, remove the pins and trim any excess tissue paper overhanging the edges of the felt.

6. Sew along the four lines with running stitch and light purple embroidery thread. Use three strands (out of the six in the skein) and try to keep your stitches evenly sized and spaced.

7. Remove the tacking stitches and carefully tear away the tissue paper, revealing the stitching.

8. Pin the dark purple and light purple felt squares together so the edges line up neatly. Sew around the edges with blanket stitch, using three strands of light purple embroidery thread as before.

The blanket stitch finishes the edges neatly and creates a bit of extra decoration, but if you prefer you can use sewing thread for less visible stitching and sew around the edges with whip stitch or running stitch.

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Jenny said...

Many thanks for this. I have grandchildren who, when taken out to eat, get fidgetty whilst waiting for their food. I'm going to make some smallish ones of these to take along with them in more generic all-year-round colours. Perfect!

Bugs and Fishes said...

That sounds lovely, Jenny! I hope you'll have fun sewing them :)