Wednesday 24 October 2018

Easy 3D Letter Cards Tutorial: OMG! Wow! Yay!

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for making fun 3D letter cards:

This tutorial is sponsored by Bostik - it's the third in a series of crafty projects I'm sharing using their range of adhesives (I've also made a giant floral hula hoop wreath and some autumn leaf cards).

This time round I'm using Bostik's foam pads to create a quick and easy 3D effect. 

I've drawn templates for three different card designs - WOW! OMG! and YAY! - all of which are perfect for those exciting ALL CAPS life moments.

"WOW you got that awesome job, I'm so proud of you"...

... "YAY! It's your birthday"...

... "OMG you're having a baby?!??"...

... there are so many different situations when these cards would come in handy. 

I've designed the templates to fit A6 cards (made from a sheet of A5 card folded in half), but you can easily shrink or enlarge them to fit different card sizes.

You will need:

- the templates provided at the bottom of this post
- card in at least two contrasting colours (I chose bright, zingy colours to make my cards really pop but you could use any colours you fancy)
- Bostik foam pads
- craft scissors
- a craft knife and cutting mat, or a pin and a pair of small scissors (e.g. embroidery scissors)
- a pencil

To make a 3D card:

1. Draw the letters and an exclamation mark onto your chosen card, drawing carefully around each letter with a sharp pencil.

Make sure you flip the templates over first, so any pencil marks will be hidden at the back of the letters when you stick them to your card.

2. Cut out the card letters. To cut out the holes inside the O and the A, you can use a craft knife and cutting mat.

Alternatively, use a pin to carefully poke a few "starter" holes into the card then cut out the small inside shape with narrow-bladed scissors like embroidery scissors.

3. Turn the letters over so they're the right way round, then arrange them on your card.

4. Now it's time to stick the letters in place! I used Bostik's foam pads to attach the letters - they're really easy to use and create an instant 3D effect as whatever you're sticking is slightly raised from the surface you're sticking it to.

Because the card letters are quite narrow, I cut the foam pads into halves (and some into quarters) so they'd fit. Make sure you do this before you peel the pads from the backing paper!

Peel a foam pad (or the section you're using) off the backing sheet and carefully press it onto the back of the letter. Once you've added a few pads to evenly cover the shape, peel off the paper from the top of each pad so they're all ready to stick. 

 Lift up the letter, turn it over and carefully press it into position on the card.

Use more of the foam pads to attach the remaining letters and the exclamation mark.

Your finished cards will look something like this:

DISCLOSURE: this post is sponsored by Bostik, who also provided the Foam Pads I used to make the cards. 

Click here to open the template sheet in a new window, make sure you're viewing it full size then print it at 100%.