Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Have a Very Mollie Makes Christmas

The third edition of Mollie Makes Christmas is out now!

This year's edition of this festive bookazine contains over 100 crafty projects - gifts to make, festive decorating ideas, and more.

Did you spot a familiar little birdie on the cover...?

Yup, it's my Partridge & Pear wreath! (The wreath originally appeared in Mollie Makes #59).

It's lovely to see the wreath back in print, and peeking out from newsagent shelves once more. It was a total joy seeing the wreaths people made popping up on social media - if you make one this year (or even just a partridge or pear ornament) do let me know!

My wreath is in excellent company as the mag is jam-packed with fab, crafty projects from past issues of Mollie Makes.


I especially love this blanket cape...

... and these snowy mountain mittens!

There are also some exclusive notecards and gift tags to use for your winter gifting. 

Mollie Makes Christmas is in newsagents now, or you can buy it online here. The digital edition is available from Apple Newsstand (in the Mollie Makes app under ‘Special Editions’).

Thanks to the team at Mollie Makes for sending me a contributor copy of the mag! xxx


Elena said...

It´s a lovely wreath!!!.
Thanks for sharing it in your blog, together with your other great projects.
I am quite new to your blog but I´m enjoying every post.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Elena! I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading my blog :)