Friday, 9 September 2016

My Childhood Sylvanian Families Collection

More treasures from our attic clear-out: Sylvanian Families!

I definitely collected Sylvanian Families more than I really played with them as a kid.

My sisters and I each had one family - mine were the grey rabbits. My parents used cardboard boxes to build us an apartment block style dolls house, with one vertical row of boxes each which we could decorate as different rooms.

We used carpet and wallpaper off-cuts and mixed our store-bought furniture (all lovingly, carefully chosen after much deliberation and on a limited pocket money budget) with homemade things.

I just loved looking at all the teeny pieces. A bookcase with tiny books! A bath with a teeny cork in the plughole! A sink with a tiny bar of soap! A sewing machine with little scissors and reels of thread.

Drawers that really opened! Charming old fashioned furniture like a dressing table and a rocking chair and a fancy rotary phone!

It was such a joy opening up a box and finding all these things... especially as I'd also kept some of the handmade furniture and accessories we'd made. I'll blog about those soon, they definitely deserve their own post.

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kejtiss said...

I love Sylvanian Families. I had the Pig Family but they disapperad somewhere now.

Polly said...

Oh my, that sewing machine is wonderful!

amy said...

Sylvanian Families... to collect and love!

My sister and I had these! Oh, you're pictures bring back so many memories. I had the brown bear family, my sis had the rabbit family- we had some kitchen furniture (the oven door on the cast iron stove actually opened). Now I want to scour eBay for these collectables!

DollZandThingZ said...

Wow! Love it all!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm really glad everyone has been enjoying these nostalgic posts of mine :)