Monday 24 August 2015

Summer Postcard Club

When Marceline from Asking for Trouble announced she was organising a Summer Postcard Club, I signed up straight away.

I have become a terribly lazy letter writer these days, but cards and postcards are so easy to send and such cheerful things to receive. There's nothing quite like a nice bit of proper post, is there? And surprise post = even better!

Here are the postcards I sent for the swap...


... featuring The Jolly Postman ("Everybody loves a letter"), William Holman Hunt's Strayed Sheep, a mixtape from The Emma Press, a quilt by Alicia Merrett and a room at the National Gallery.

I've received two postcards so far. One from Southampton:

And one with a felt bunny stitched on it! (So cute!)

It's also been fun seeing my postcards pop up on Twitter and Instagram as people share the cards they're sending and receiving.

You can see the postcards being swapped by checking out #summerpostcardclub on Twitter and on Instagram.  

Many thanks to Marceline for organising the swap! Signups for Summer Postcard Club are now closed for 2015, but maybe you could arrange a swap with your friends?


Jane said...

We joined postcrossing, to exchange postcards around the world, its good fun

Rebekah of The Little Red Thread said...

Yes that postcrossing sounds like so much fun! Lupin you should totally organize one for 2016 or even do a Holiday card swap?

Silly Little Sheep said...

I am a member of postcrossing but I was getting a lot of promotional postcards from there, some people have no shame and will send a freebie postcard with a shower gel advert or something. Others have disturbingly long lists of what you can and cannot send them, which is very limiting. But overall it is a great idea. I might start being a bit more active there soon! :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the tip, Jane!

Rebekah - I have always loved the idea of organising a swap but I'm not sure if I have the spare time to manage it! I'll have a think :)

Silly Little Sheep - ugh, people can be so cheeky! Glad you've enjoyed it overall though.