Monday 31 August 2015

My Childhood Shell Collection

I collected a lot of stuff when I was a kid. If it was small and inexpensive I probably collected it at some point!

Postage stamps, erasers, badges, thimbles, weird looking rocks, novelty soaps, teeny little ornaments, pretty buttons, stickers, bath pearls... and much, much more. Some of my collections didn't last long, other grew and grew.

One thing I amassed quite a large collection of was sea shells:

Most of these were collected on days out at the beach, but a few were (I think) bought in gift shops at places like Butlins. You can probably spot the fancy bought-in-a-shop ones!

I found these 200+ shells in a box while doing some decluttering a while back. I don't "need" or even really want a box full of shells anymore, so these will be finding a new home very soon.

I'm going to keep a few to remind me of my shell-collecting days and many happy hours spent walking along beaches, and I'll have these photos to help me remember the whole collection.


They look rather pretty all laid out together, don't they?


Fancy a peek at some of my other childhood collections? I've also taken pics of my sticker album, my badge collection and my huge collection of novelty erasers.


Jennifer said...

You arranged them so nicely. Pretty, pretty.

SleepyBee said...

Wow! Great collection! )) And they look really mesmerizing together! )))
In my childhood i also collected many diffeent things, but not sells ))

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! It was fun getting them all out and really looking at them after so many years of them being packed away in a box :)