Thursday 27 March 2014

Putting Photos in Albums

Does putting photos in photo albums count as a creative task?

It's been keeping me entertained on quiet evenings this spring, anyway. When I was flipping through my old albums over Christmas I found a lot of photos which teenage and student me thought were worth sticking in an album but which 30-something me really wasn't too impressed with, so I'm re-organising them a bit.

One of the great things about using old-fashioned photo albums and photo corners is the ability to chop up your photos to remove the boring bits and fit more images onto a page, collage-style. I had quite a lot of albums so condensing my collection will save me quite a bit of shelf space and make flipping through them much more interesting (instead of thinking How many more pages of this??). Luckily the same range of albums I was using for my photos 15+ years ago is still in production!

I'm very grateful to my younger self for having been organised enough to put all the photos into albums though (even though I'm now re-doing them years later) because without my captions for each photo I'd have a very hard time remembering everyone's names from school and University! Ah, the perils of getting older.

Once I've sorted out all my old photos I'm going to finally get some of my digital photos printed out and added to my albums so I can enjoy them instead of just having them gathering virtual dust on my hard drive. I loved the photo book I put together of my crafting photos, but I'm happy sticking with old-fashioned photo albums for my personal pics... for now, anyway!