Friday 6 December 2013

This Week I Have Been...

... tidying up my stash of sewing thread.


... getting up early. Getting out of bed when it's cold and dark is rarely fun, but you do sometimes get to enjoy sunrises like this!


... clearing out some felt scraps from finished projects.

... and making a start on writing my Christmas cards, plus wrapping some gifts to send to faraway friends. I didn't send a single Christmas card last year as I was so busy working on my book, so I am trying to be more organised this year!

(Cards etc by Telegramme, Dee Beale & Kate Slater).

3 comments: said...

Ooh these presents look so beautiful, I'm sure the recipients will be happy to get them. Enjoy the season.

Beth said...

I'm just wondering, what do you do with all your felt scraps?
How small is too small to keep?
Merry Christmas!

Bugs and Fishes said...

aniet - thank you! You too :)

Beth - I sometimes keep small scraps like these if I'm going to be making pincushions, but usually I discard anything smaller than an inch, maybe 2 (depending on the type of felt - how expensive it was and what I tend to use it for - e.g. I keep quite small pieces of one brand of black felt because I use it for cutting out tiny pupils).

The scraps are usually so colourful that I rarely throw them away straight away. I often end up with a big heap of them in one of my workboxes :)