Saturday 7 December 2013

Beloved Kids Books

I watched a great documentary about Judith Kerr on the BBC earlier this week and afterwards absolutely had to dig out my much-read copies of Mog and the baby and Mog the forgetful cat and re-read them (I have no idea where my childhood copy of The Tiger Who Came to Tea ended up!). Such wonderful books.


I love Mog so much. I'm not sure I could ever face reading the one where she dies. I know it's important to teach kids about these things but oh my goodness I would be a total wreck by about the second page. Mog went to live on a nice farm in the countryside, okay??

I never really grew out of my love for childrens picture books. When I was at University they were the only books I bought new. All my "grown up" reading came from libraries or cheap second hand shops but I just couldn't resist treating myself to lovely glossy kids books with gorgeous illustrations.

I still have a few special books from my slightly-older-childhood (a selection of favourite stories and/or treasured gifts) ...

... and I could happily talk your ears off about all the different series I read and loved as a reading-obsessed kid (I was definitely an "indoor child", haha), but it's the picture books that really overwhelm me with their nostalgic loveliness.

Here are a few more much-beloved titles from when I was small.

A Surprise for Dumpy - I apparently demanded this book be read at bedtime so many times that my parents knew it off by heart and I would fall asleep halfway through the first paragraph.

The Brambly Hedge books. Aaaaaah, the hours I spent looking at the drawings in these books, they are just so delightful. 

Dudley and the Strawberry Shake. The internet informs me there is a whole series of Dudley books, but I only ever read this one. Dudley is just plain adorable.


Angelina and the Princess. So girly (lots of flowers and pretty dresses and, of course, they are putting on a ballet performance for a princess!), and so good. 

(Judging from this selection I seem to have really enjoyed books about mice when I was a kid! Or maybe there are just a ton of kids books about mice??).

The Blackberry Farm books. I read these (or had them read to me?) a lot when I was very small and all the pictures are still pretty much burned into my brain. Such sweet little books.

Plus, the incredibly charming Alphabears. L is for Laura, of course!

I have cleared out quite a few old kids books over the past few months as part of my "Less 365" decluttering project (a.k.a. project "you can't keep everything, Laura, you don't have the space!") but these ones are definitely keepers.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, this post bought back some memories!

Sue Hayton said...

Memories - my books and then my children's favourites. Did you ever read "Each Peach, Pear, Plum" - I think that's the title. My children loved the pictures as well as the rhymes.
Keep up the blogging!!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Sue - Yes, Each Peach Pear Plum is so great! We read lots of the Ahlbergs' books when we were little :)

angharad handmade said...

I too loved the Brambly Hedge books, those beautiful illustrations! I really wanted to live life in miniature, part of my obsession with sewing tiny things!!
The Blackberry farm books have only become known to me just recently as my husband had them when he was small, so now they sit on my youngest shelves and she is totally obsessed with Poor Mr Nibbles and the rest!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Yes! Minature things = the best (like dolls houses! always so delightful).

I am glad to hear that a love for the animals of Blackberry farm is being passed down to a new generation :)

Deborah Champion said...

I love ? oh but the baby looks like the monster from the goonies there and I can't get over how negligent Mrs Thomas is ;)

I was obsessed with the brambly hedge mill :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Oh god yes the mill inside that tree! So awesome.