Sunday 16 June 2013

My New Pinboard

After wanting one for ages I finally got a pinboard for my studio last month. I took some photos of it a few weeks ago to show you guys and when I was editing them I realised there were a whole load of projects in shot that I'm not allowed to share yet! Oops. So, finally, here's a photo:

It's so good to get all that paper off my desk! My lovely red desk is next to the window (you can just see the corner of it on the left in that photo) so no room for a pinboard there, but this is the next best thing as I face this wall as I work.

I've also found new homes for the bits and pieces I was keeping on the top of that small shelf unit, so I can use the space as a sort of extension of my desk, with "in progress" piles of paperwork. It's great to have a dedicated space for this stuff instead of just having it cluttering up my desk or the coffee table or (being honest with you here, folks) in a messy heap on the floor.

It's also nice to have a space to pin up a few pretty postcards - though the board itself is currently mostly taken up with boring work stuff like to do lists and bills I need to pay, I've used some polkadot washi tape to stick up some postcards along the side of the tall shelf unit.

I bought these on days out last summer, choosing a postcard or two from each place I visited as a memento, it's nice to have some of them on display instead of stuck in a drawer somewhere...

... and they're a great reminder that I need to plan some more days out this summer!


Christmas Pie Crafts said...

A red desk? How fabulous. your pin board looks great and you are right it does get so much off of the desk. hope you have a good week.

Ashleigh Brown Studio said...

Lovely! I need to have a craft room clear out soon! I have a very similar set up. Also love the idea of using washi tape to pin up photo's I have used blue tack and it keeps unsticking... I will have to buy some pretty tape soon.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Christmas Pie Crafts - It's a great desk! It used to be my kitchen table, and it was originally the table my dad grew up eating his breakfast on :)

Ashleigh - Washi tape = the best. So many uses!