Monday 21 January 2013

Lovely Things

I got a few lovely things for Christmas this year which I have totally failed to blog about... better late than never, right??

My mum bought me a set of "If you're waiting for a sign..." cards from Mr Yen. I am determined to send more cards to friends this year, so these will come in handy. I may have to keep one for myself though as they're rather wonderful.

... and she also got me this Woodpeckers print from Dee Beale, whose work regular readers will know that I just cannot resist!

I also treated myself to a couple of nice things as a sort of "Christmas bonus" for being such a hard-working employee (there are definite perks to being your own boss sometimes, haha!).

A silver coin charm necklace from Mrs Gibson, which I wore throughout the holiday season because a) I am in love with it and b) it is the perfect length for wearing with all my nice frocks.

And a bag from Showpony. I bought a shopper and a purse from Showpony five years ago and have used them regularly ever since, and I'm sure I'll be saying the same about this bag in five years time. It is quite gorgeous.

Treasure tote - Seed Pods in Grey

Of course I bought lots of gifts for other people too... mostly books and DVDs and things like that, but I also got a Charley Harper jigsaw puzzle from Hus & Hem for my mum. I bought her another jigsaw from the same range last year and frankly both of these purchases have been because I secretly want them myself even though I've not done a jigsaw in years.

And - as a late Christmas gift - I bought my mama a Layla Amber fox brooch. This brooch was actually on my Christmas gift this year but my mum fell in love with it when she saw it so I bought it for her instead. It goes very nicely with the hedgehog brooch she "stole" from me last year :)


Mr Yen said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for mentioning the greeting cards - I'm glad you like them ^_^

Josie said...

I got a copy of 'Fa La La La Felt', which I loved. This led me to you and this blog which I also love! I devoured your cafetiere cosy tutorial and used the great idea of a felted wool lining to help me create my own cosy. Thanks so much and you can see the results here;

Thanks so much for sharing, Josie

Sheila said...

What pretty things, im very glad you posted about them, even if it was from a while ago. These things are still beautiful.

Bugs and Fishes said...

mrYen - no problem! They had been on my wish list for ages, love 'em x

Josie - Thanks for your kind comment, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Fa La La La Felt (it's such a fun book!) & that you're enjoying my blog. I'm delighted that my cafetiere cosy helped inspire your project :)