Monday 17 September 2012

Treats from Renegade

This weekend I took a trip to London to visit the Renegade craft fair - I was very disappointed to miss it last year, so I was extra excited about going to see all the lovely people selling their crafty wares!

(I can never manage to read on the Tube, so my trusty Walkman is an essential bit of kit for a long journey across the city!)

Everyone was super friendly, and I got to meet and catch up with lots of my crafty chums whom I've "met" online through Etsy and Folksy and blogging. It's always so good to finally meet people in person, and have a good natter :)

I scoped out a few new-to-me shops for some potential Christmas shopping later this year, and treated myself to some cards and notebooks (always useful) from a whole bunch of sellers...

... A cute foxy "drink tea & eat cake" card from Kayleigh O'Mara, and happy star and sunshine cards from Debbie Greenaway...

(I also bought one of Debbie's adorable hedgehog brooches, which my mum has already stolen! I was showing her the lovely things I'd bought and when she saw the hedgehog she just fell in love, so I had to gift it to her!)

... A couple of postcards (You've Got to Be Kind to Yourself & One Step at a Time) from Art Equals Happy, and a very cute cat notebook from Zosienka & Rosie.

... A peacock postcard & a little notebook for writing lists from Lovely Pigeon, and a tea & biscuit themed card for a friend from Mellybee.

... A printed Moleskine notebook from Finest Imaginary and a sweet mini notebook made from a vintage postcard from Ladybird Likes. I don't think I'm going to run out of notebooks for a while!


Here are a few more of the business cards, etc, that I came home with... from Zeena, John of The Bungaloo, and Sarah of Magasin...

...  Rebecca of Charming Little Picture... plus some mini London-themed cross stitch patterns from CrossStitcher Magazine.

I was also very pleased to finally meet the lovely fellas from Folksy, after having a shop on the site for so many years (I was Folksy user number 12 when I signed up way back in 2008!). I thought the cardboard postbox on their stall was especially ace & I couldn't resist pinching one of their "Golly!" cards, which were actually for people to fill in their email address to sign up for the Folksy newsletter (shhh, don't tell! no-one will find out now I've posted it on my blog, er...). Folksy is so often described by sellers as "the British Etsy", and I find the quirky Britishness of their branding / marketing style very appealing (and I would totally buy a pack of postcards like this).

And as if all that wasn't enough fun for the day, I also got to have a cuppa with the lovely Genevieve of Floss & Mischief who sells very cool cross stitch kits & patterns.

Hurrah! :)


Vixie said...

I loved Renegade this year - and I bought one of those adorable sleepy hedgehog pins too!

Tumus said...

Good haul :) Renegade over here is only in a very select cities so you lucked out being close to London already!
I've been collecting cross stitch patterns for a year now, if only I could sit down and do some. With the Holidays coming and the little one who knows when that will happen.

claire said...

and the best treat of all, you got to meet me! ;) It was so nice to chat, what a great weekend!

Unknown said...

You look like you had a great time! I wish I had the chance to go but bit behind on projects at the moment :(

Genki said...

Oh wow, you found some gorgeous things! I also have a slight addiction to notebooks, I have so many cute ones lying aroud the house.

I wish Sydney had something like the Renegade, it looks like a lot of fun!

tanya said...

good grief, I checked out thier website - $25 just to consider your application!?! I've never seen such a blatent rip-off in 30+ years dealing with events! I'm actually wondering if that's even legal

Bugs and Fishes said...

Vixie - Yay! hedgehogs for everyone! :)

Tumus - Yeah, the chances of me actually finding the time to stitch these patterns for a while are pretty slim... but who knows? Living near London definitely has its perks sometimes, I've always thought the Renegade fairs looked so cool when I've seen pics of the US ones, I'm so glad they decided to start holding them here!

Claire - So nice to finally meet you! Hope the weekend went really well for you :)

Laura - Boo, that sucks :(

Genki - You can never have too many notebooks, right??

Tanya - Renegade is a very well-established, large fair so I expect that the application fee would be legal. It's so popular that I think they'd probably be overwhelmed with applications if they didn't have a processing fee... & I guess they'd end up having to put the booth fees up a lot to cover their admin time!

Emm@ said...

Looks like we bought pretty much the same stuff! Excellent taste.

Unknown said...

you picked some lovely stuff :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Great minds, Emm@ :D