Saturday 22 September 2012

A Very Crafty Reading List

As you can see, there are quite a few craft books on my reading pile at the moment!

I've had a quick flick through most of them, but I need to spend some time properly looking through them all and taking some notes ready for reviewing them here on the blog this autumn/winter.

There will probably be a few book reviews popping up at random here and there over the next few weeks but I'm also hoping to do another Book Week, which will probably turn into a book fortnight like last time as there are just so many yummy books here that I can't wait to show you guys!


RetroSandie said...

OOH-crafts books...goodie!!! I love craft books and am always adding to my library. Looks like some interesting subjects in your pile! Looking forward to the reviews!!!

Holli said...

You have quiet a collection! I look forward to the reviews also!


Holli xo