Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ornament Kits to Keep Me Busy this Winter

I'm determined this autumn/winter - no matter how busy things get with my business (& it's always a hectic time of year) - to make sure that I properly switch off from work in the evenings and work on some personal projects instead of ending up sewing shop stuff in front of the TV. I'll be doing some knitting but I wanted some sewing projects to work on too.

Late last year I bought a lovely vintage felt bird ornaments kit from Etsy, fully intending to make them over my Christmas break. Did I actually do this? No. Did the kit get put in a drawer while I got distracted by other projects? Yes. Will I actually sew them this year? I hope so.

The kit comes with precut felt shapes instead of pattern pieces, but the felt isn't great quality so when I sorted out the pieces last year I traced around them to make templates so I can use felt from my stash instead.

I think I must have been watching The Day After Tomorrow while tracing the pieces as I'd scribbled "We've hit a critical desalinization point!" in one corner of the paper. I was a bit confused about what this cryptic sentence could mean until I remembered the scene from the movie in which one of the scientists says that and everyone gasps in horror (this makes me laugh every time I watch that film, it's just so silly).


I'll have lots of sewing to keep me busy in the evenings this winter, as I've also treated myself to a couple of Alicia Paulson's gorgeous ornament kits. I've admired her ornaments for years, but the newest kit, "Winter Cabin" (which includes a bird! and a tea kettle!) was just too lovely to resist...

... I also bought the "Ice Skating Afternoon" kit. It was very hard narrowing my selection down to just two kits, all the designs are so charming.

I'm very excited about making these!

The ornament kits are available from Alicia's shop, HERE and the designs are also available as digital patterns HERE.


Laura Mason (Mason Bee) said...

I adore her kits! Have fun making them :D

Jessica said...

Oooh - I admired the iceskating ornament kit back when Alicia first brought it out... I may have to add this to my Christmas wishlist :-)

dropstitch said...

Ooh, they really are lovely kits. If my budget would stretch to it (and if I truly believed I'd find the time between now and Christmas to make them) I would choose the mitten/coat/polar bear kit for myself.

Tumus said...

Those are really lovely, going to check her shop out. I tell myself every year that I'll finish all those Christmas projects I've started in the summer by Christmas Eve. Of course it rarely happens as my shop over runs my life for 2 months every year lol, but I should get an A+ for effort.

BugsandFishes said...

They're really lovely, aren't they? I can't wait for them to arrive... though I think I might need to work on my embroidery skills a bit before I start work on them!


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