Monday 19 November 2012

Lots of Stuff to Package + Last Order Dates for Christmas

One of my tasks to do this week is to cut and sort bits of card and bubblewrap and labels and bags to get a whole bunch of finished felt brooches packaged up neatly so they're ready to send...

I'm also hoping to build up a stash of ready-to-use packaging bits and bobs ready for when I next have a big sewing session, so I can get them packaged the moment they're finished. It makes my parcel-packing sessions so much more streamlined and efficient when all my products are ready to go.

And talking of packing parcels... it's that time of year again when the last posting dates for Christmas start looming!

I'll be posting shop orders right up until 20th December this year, but if you want your parcel in time for Christmas I'd recommend ordering before these dates:

UK: 15th December
Western Europe: 7th December
Eastern Europe, USA, Canada: 5th December
Rest of the World: 31st November.

Unfortunately Christmas delivery isn't guaranteed as your parcel may be held up by things out of my control, like customs or bad weather, but I will be doing my best to post all orders as quickly as possible over the next month :)


Sheila said...

oh so organised. I saw those dates in a mag and promised i'd put them in my diary...which i am yet to do!!
Hope you find all of your packaging, i always put mine in a *safe place*

Tumus said...

I can tell you that having your items pre-packaged saves a great bit of time especially when you're bustling around the craft room in a craze.
I have my shop closed for the season but I always made sure I had my labels on my bags, the doggie treats ready and labeled and plenty of business cards. There's alot to be said for getting it all sorted before the madness. Good luck this season!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Sheila! I try to be organised but it doesn't always work out as planned :D

Tumus - You're right it does save SO much time getting these little things sorted in advance. It doesn't seem like much to do - finding a business card, cutting a bit of bubble wrap, sticking on a label, etc until you have to do it for lots of different items all at once!