Thursday 8 November 2012

Three Bits of Nice Post

I've talked many times before about how I really never need buy any more art ever again, my collection of prints so outnumbers the wall spaces I have to hang them on... but I just couldn't resist this springtime print from Small Talk Studio!

It makes me happy every time I look at it, and after a hard year that motto is just perfect. (By the way, isn't that "thank you for your purchase" card too lovely?)

I also bought a whole bundle of brown yarn...

... which I'll need for a something I'm planning to knit next year. I'm still working out some of the details, so for the moment you just get a photos of a pile of yarn (sorry!)

Plus I treated myself to a couple of DVDs to watch while sewing. My sister recently lent me the first 3 seasons of Fringe which I'm loving so much that I wanted something to fill the Fringe-shaped gap that will be left when I reach the end of season 3! Since Fringe is kinda "J.J. Abrams does The X-Files" I thought a J.J. Abrams show & some vintage X-Files would probably do the trick.

The cover of the Alias DVD cracks me up, as though I watched most of that show when it was first on TV mostly I just remember it involving lots of plot twists, and Jennifer Garner wearing lots of silly wigs :)


Chloe grice said...

Oh I'm very jealous of your lovely post! Just bills for me again today...

ps I would comment more often if those pesky captcha boxes didn't put me off so much :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Fringe! And the X-Files, oh my, I used to watch that as a kid when I had a telly on my room, and I remember being SO afraid! But I insisted on watching, of course resulting in my never sleeping again :P

tanya said...

the solution is to limit yourslef to buying original pieces - that way you can't afford to buy as often

mind you, my walls are still a bit crowded

bairozan said...

It's so hard to refrain from buying lovely things :) The X-Files are a classic, they're showing on a cable program right now and we're watching again :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Chloe - I hate the captach boxes too, but unfortunately I get soooooo much horrible spam if I don't have them. I tried it earlier this year and, ugh, it was no fun at all!

Winkieflash - Haha, yes, I remember really freaking myself out watching late night episodes of the X-files when I was younger! So much fun.

Tanya - Oh gosh, I think I'd find it impossible to decide which few pieces to choose! There are so many amazing artists selling their work on Etsy, etc, I think I would be paralysed by the choice :)

bairozan - I am loving going right back to the beginning of the X-Files. I don't think I've ever seen a whole series all the way through, the episodes were always shown at such random times here.