Wednesday 1 August 2012

A Change to my Felt Prices

Unfortunately, a few months ago my supplier put up the price of the wool blend felt squares I sell in my shops. I'd been hoping to be able to "eat" the cost of the increase and keep my shop prices the same but having looked at my accounts I'm afraid that's not really going to be possible long term, so the prices of all my felt packs will be going up slightly.

But, I thought the least I could do was give you guys some advanced warning in case there's some felt you've been meaning to buy!

Prices will be going up in all my shops (in my main shop, and over on Etsy and Folksy) the week beginning 20th August, as follows:

10 Felt Squares will be £5.75 (currently £5.50)
20 Felt Squares will be £10.50 (currently £10)
30 Felt Squares will be £15.75 (currently £15)
40 Felt Squares will be £21.00 (currently £20)

Giant Rainbows of 65 squares will be £32.50 (currently £31)
And Mini Rainbows of 65 mini squares will be £10.50 (currently £10)

Postage rates will all stay the same. (Oh & prices in my DaWanda shop will be going up slightly too, I've just not had a chance yet to work out the exact prices in Euros)

P.S. my embroidery hoops will also be going up in price the same week due to rising wholesale prices, the 3inch hoops are currently sold out but I've still got some packs of the 4inch hoops available at the current prices.


Dani Vecchio said...

Hi...i´m from Brazil and love your blog. It´s very beautiiful and you have really good ideas to show. I´d like to know if you ship to Brazil.
I also have a blog, please, if you can, take a look there...

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hi Dani! Thanks for your comment. I do ship to Brazil :)

Dani Vecchio said...

It´s wonderful....thanks for your return!