Friday 17 August 2012

Preparing for more Grey Skies

I got a big parcel full of yarn in the post earlier this week...

... lots of light grey yarn for my sky blanket.

One of the trickiest things about working on this project was guessing how many balls of each colour I should buy and, well, I guessed wrong! There have have been so many cloudy, grey days this year that I ran out of the light grey weeks ago.

This lot should hopefully last me until the end of my blanket (unless the weather is really, really miserable, I guess! fingers crossed that's not the case).


beautiful square feet said...

Not sure how, but I missed that you're making a sky blanket. Just whizzed back through your archived posts and I think it's such a charming idea! At least at the end of the year, something beautiful and positive will have come out of all the rubbish weather we've been having!

Unknown said...

10 more days, the kids go back to school and then it'll be beautiful all through September just wait and see:). Love the sky blanket idea, although it would likely end up one of those things I start with good intentions and forget about by February. Ooh a sky quilt, that I could do *runs off to put it on the to do list*.

Leanne xx

Leanne xx

Bugs and Fishes said...

beautiful square feet - The crazy British weather is definitely making for a pretty blanket! If I lived somewhere where it was just clear blue skies all summer it woul be a lot less interesting :D

Leanne - Haha, you are probably right! A sky quilt would be very cool :)