Wednesday 4 July 2012

A Very British Biscuit Tin

Gosh, it's been a while since my last blog post!

Things have been quite quiet here over the past couple of weeks. I've mostly been doing things like slowly catching up with my filing & accounts, and watching a bit too much TV.

I have also been eating far too many biscuits thanks to the purchase of this gorgeous biscuit tin from Marks & Spencer:

It's got a map of London on the top and then each side is illustrated with stuff from each country in the UK.

I did quite like the trio of square Diamond Jubliee -themed biscuit tins M&S were selling, but it was this one which stole my heart. Once all the biscuits have been eaten (which won't be long now, at the rate I'm getting through them) the tin will be put to good use holding in-progress craft projects or sewing supplies, I'm not sure which yet.

Talking of Diamond Jubilee stuff, I also recently treated myself to this "Royal Tea" tea towel designed by Charlotte Farmer (image from the Tate Gallery shop). You know how I love a nice teatowel

Have you bought anything as a "souvenir" of the Jubilee?


~ Laura said...

Oh!! That tin is adorable!!! A few extra calories in your diet is worth it!! hehe!! :) That tea towel is very cute, too!! There just aren't places here in California to buy cute tins or tea towels, much to my dismay! :( I'm very happy to admire yours, though!! :)

Sarah Lou said...

I love the M&S biscuit tins - did you see the music box one they had at Christmas? I haven't got any souvenirs for the Jubilee or Olympics - probably should get some!

ikaxela said...

That's a beautiful box!!! Goodday!!!

Laura said...

I bought that tin too! I was in England for a 3 week trip and one of the things on my to do list was buy a Jubilee biscuit tin, this one was it! (and all the biscuits are long gone)

Rebecca said...

Love the M&s Tin. I bought one of those and one of the Olympic Logo because I'm Olympic CRAZY. My Jubilee souviner was one of the mugs. I can't remember who made it, but it doesn't have the queen on it or her name or anything, it just has some bunting on it, 2012, and then 2 corgis outlined in the flag. Love it so much!

The patriotic stuff has been great to send to my Anglophile Americans!

Heather said...

OMG, I got two jubilee biscuit tins from M&S but never saw this one! I love it!

Bugs and Fishes said...

~Laura - it's a shame M&S don't sell their tins online, if they sold them without biscuits in I think they'd get a lot of international customers!

Sarah Lou - I was very tempted by the music box but I decided it wasn't a super practical shape for me to buy. It was pretty lovely though & very hard to resist.

Laura - great to hear you managed to get a nice souvineer from your trip :)

Rebecca - I think I may have seen that mug! I do love corgis (those 2 in the Olympic opening ceremony were just adorable) but I am officially not allowed to buy any new mugs as I've got waaaay more than one girl could possibly ever need.

Heather - these were pretty well hidden, away from all their Jubilee displays. No idea why, as it's such a lovely design!