Wednesday 11 July 2012

Updating my Working Wardrobe

One of the great pleasures of being self-employed / working from home is that you can wear what you like to work. There are no office dress codes to worry about when your office is in your house and you're your own boss!

I'm not a fan of working in my pajamas (apart from when I'm ill or working on a crazy deadline) but I do like to be comfy. Most of my old t-shirts were getting a bit past it so I decided to treat myself to a few new ones from Etsy for wearing "to the office".

Here are a selection of shirts from some of the fab Etsy shops I discovered while going on my t-shirt hunt (I've bought some of them & have my eye on others). Etsy is great but it can definitely take a while to hunt through all those search results to find stuff you like, so I thought I'd share my finds in case any of you guys also fancied some t-shirt shaped additions to your wardrobe (working or otherwise).

Fox t-shirt from Gnome Enterprises:

 Lion t-shirt from New Duds:

Cassette Tapes t-shirt from Crawlspace Studios:

& Rock & Roll Casette Tape t-shirt from Last Earth:

Moth / Butterfly / Dragonfly t-shirt from Friendly Oak:

Moon t-shirt from Blackbird Tees

Owl t-shirt from Zen Threads:

I like a lot of Zen Threads' shirts, especially this ship t-shirt:

And as an English Lit grad I love love love these literary tees... Robert Frost t-shirt from Neena Creates:

& The Importance of Being Earnest t-shirt from Aoristic:

(P.S. If you're a fellow book lover, you might also want to check out Out of Print Clothing who sell t-shirts printed with old book covers. Ah how I wish their Maltese Falcon t-shirt came in women's sizes!)


Manu said...

The first one with the fox is lovely! Zen thread t-shirts are super good, I got 3 and they are so soft and light and most important they fit great :)

Katie said...

Nice finds! You might also like

Alyssa said...

This is a great post for me - I went on vacation last week and the water at the house I stayed at was iron-rich, and well... I don't own more than seven shirts, and four of them were ruined when I washed them! So after my next payday I'll probably be checking these places out :)

Tumus said...

I love Zen Threads. I'm a big t-shirt fan, however I can't wear many atm since I'm 9 month pregnant (lol). My collection is currently languishing in my drawers but all very good finds! I do love the literary t's as well ^_^

Unknown said...

They are some lovely T-shirts, especialy the lion one! I will have to go and have a browse...



Lilyshaw said...

All really cool, lots of good ideas for places to browse for new clothes, thanks!

Heather said...

Ooo, fab t-shirts. Especially the cassette tape ones. I'm off to check them out!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the shop recommendation, Katie! :)

I'm loving all my new shirts, I've worn them so much that I'm actually starting to wonder what I could possibly have been wearing before??