Saturday 29 October 2011

Guest Post: Felt Owl Crafternoon

Today's guest post is by Laura from Betula`Loo, about the fun crafternoon she & some friends had using my felt owl tutorial. Laura says... "I love to make things with paper and fabric. I write a blog and I have a small Etsy shop. As well as craft projects I like to share travel, running & triathlon experiences on my blog."

I have long wanted to host a “Crafternoon” and finally got around to organizing one this autumn. Laura’s stuffed owl project was perfect for our crafting get together – I love anything involving felt and Amy loves anything with owls so this was a great combination. I loved this owl pattern when I first saw it and having a Crafternoon was a great reason to sew one!

We quickly got to work cutting out the paper patterns and picking out which colours of felt to use. This turned out to be the most difficult part! We had lots of colours to choose from and so many combinations were going to look good!

Cutting and sewing the owls took us an evening, including a break for tea and cake. We had wanted to sew the owl brooches too but ran out of time so I sent the girls home with bits of felt and thread so they could sew them at home. (Who doesn’t love leaving a party with a treat bag?) I made my small owl based on the colours of two big owls, as though this is their baby.

The owls all turned out really cute and colourful. Some of us named ours (meet Gertie and Howard) and Lauren added a ribbon hanger to hers so she can hang it in her nursery!

If you’d like to make your own stuffed owl or owl brooch both tutorials can be found on this blog. If you sew your own try taping the pattern pieces to the felt before you cut them out – it’s a lot less fiddly then trying to hold them in place! And then use a little white glue to hold tiny pieces – the ones too small to pin – in place as you sew.

Thanks for the great patterns Laura! They were easy to follow and the owls turned out absolutely adorable.


Check out Laura's Etsy shop and blog, and visit my free tutorials page for lots of fun projects if you fancy holding a crafternoon of your own.


aimee said...

Super cute owls. i love it xx

Jules said...

Both links are broken for me. I would love to see the tutorial for these cute owls.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Oops - thanks for pointing that out!
Both links should now work :)

Lynn said...

The owls are adorable! Love the colors.

Indigo Blue said...

These owls are lovely and I like the idea of a crafternoon. I know several friends who might like to do that. Sadly I can not print out the templates as my printer wants to print all of the pages of your post even when I select the page I am after! I am sure my printer has a mind of its own!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hiya! If you click on the image of the template (to view it in another window or tab) then you'll be able to print it on its own :)

When you've got it open you may need to click again on the image to get it displayed at full size on screen before you print it.

Anonymous said...

cute blog :)
And I've an award for you too, check out my blog!! :)