Friday 16 July 2010

Trying New Things

Summer is the quietest time of year for my business, which means it ends up being about four things...

1) taking some time off, and swapping sessions at the computer for picnics with friends and snoozing in the sunshine
2) catching up on admin and all those other tasks that don't get done during the busy season
3) preparing for when the busy season rolls round again, making batches of things, sorting out new stock lists, stocking up on things like envelopes, etc
and 4) using my extra free time to try out new things and to do some creative brainstorming.

"Creative brainstorming" sounds pretty fancy but really it's just me and a biro doodling on scrap paper and seeing if anything interesting comes out of it! This week's experiments have resulted in this layered lovely... very fiddly to make, but possibly worth it?

P.S. This is a repost from Wednesday as I tried out the Disqus comments system and found that I much preferred Blogger's own system from the comment-moderation side of things, so I'm reposting this with Blogger comments enabled. Apologies to anyone whose comments have been lost in the process!


Carrie said...

oh I'm trying to make my first ever felt flowers at the minute, boy you make it look easy, talenmted lady!!! xx

Alicia said...

I like it, it is similar to a flower I made, the same idea, and in the centre I sew some beads.
Love your broochs!