Saturday 15 May 2010

After and Before

My adventure with fabric dye turned out great... I've got a black skirt again!

(I probably should have ironed it before taking a photo though. Never mind)

This weekend I'm tackling another make-do-and-mend project, giving this old vintage dress a new life:

Yes, I know it's gorgeous - that print is just so stunning, and it's just as lovely and floaty as it looks - but it really doesn't fit me properly so I've hardly worn it, it's a bit "aged" under the arms (eww) so it always had to be worn with a sweater on top anyway, and it's been languishing in my mending pile ever since the zip broke last year.

So this weekend it's being turned into a "new" skirt, just in time for summer. Pics tomorrow!


Zohar said...

First - congrats on your success with dying the skirt!
actually - I think (as a vintage seller) that is you take off the sleeves and take it in a bit so it would fit you nicely - you would have a gorgeous dress. I would hate for you to get rid of the lovely top part with the buttons. Although either way I'm sure you'll do a great job.

Emm@ said...

The skirt looks great. I have several blackish cardis that I must re-dye,, so I'll give the Dylon machine stuff a go.

Good luck with your alteration! I'm into buying cheap t-shirts, cutting the bottom off, then sewing on a skirt I've made myself to make a dress. Easy peasy and looks great.

Debbyanne said...

That skirt looks good as new, well for deciding to dye it, and not just throwing it away.
Can't wait to see what you do with the dress, i must get round to mending and cusomising some of my own stuff. I have been this space!! x x

A Time for Stitching said...

That dress fabric is fabulous. i'm sure it will make a beautiful skirt!
Teresa x