Monday 24 May 2010

Hello Summer

What fantastic weather we've been having!

Summers in England are notorious for the need to wear a cardigan at all times, and to have a back-up plan for any outdoor occasion in case it rains... so it makes a very nice change to be wearing sundresses and eating ice lollies :)

We don't have a garden, but to make the most of the weather we've bought a couple of fab stripey chairs so we can sit out on our balcony. I'm loving those colours!


sylviesgarden said...

I love the stripes!

Nancy said...

I'm in love with your colors too.

stashavalanche said...

I see a prospective crochet blanket in those chair stripes - what great colours.

The Little Miss said...

Love your blog major cute! You have blogged about so many amazing things! I wanted to introduce myself :)
My blog is and my new magazine is Babiekins Magazine :

Hope you can come by and say hi!

Love the chair...the colors are so bright and loving stripes right now! :)

Love your shop by the way also

Sally said...

The perfect spot to make one of your fabulous button cushions!