Friday 12 June 2009

Rainbow Scraps

Things are very busy here! Lots of projects to finish and parcels to post and deadlines to meet.

Just time for a snapshot from my workbox - colourful scraps leftover from one of this week's projects:
EDIT: don't worry, I don't throw my scraps away! I use the larger pieces to make covered buttons and to make spotty pincushions, and the smallest bits become pincushion stuffing :)


Rebekah said...

Do you throw those away? I can't make myself throw away those little triangles and curvy bits. I always think, "I'll need just a tiny piece of this color or that for *something* *sometime*." Silly, but I do often wind up using them, so not entirely pointless, I guess!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Nope, they never get thrown away! I keep all my scraps, the tiniest ones get used for stuffing pincushions :)

Dark Fairy said...

Ha ha I too can never part with scraps, each piece of material, paper, card bead, I also keep boxes- I may need them later , and have been known to raid the recycling bags! I love that riot of colours in the pic- very inspirational

Vacskamati said...

Do you stuff with these lovely colours??! :)
I don't know the size of them, but you can make little triangle from them and roll up from the base of triangle with a cord in the middle. It will be a nice felted-bead necklace.. :D

(I hope my explaination is plain.. my English isn't so good.. :( )

Your works and blog are great! :D

Mariona said...

Lovely colours!! I keep my scraps too, all in zip bags by similar shaces, but soon I'll have more scraps than big cuts!!! LOL