Monday 8 June 2009

Flowers and Frogs

This is what my workspace (aka our coffee table) looked like yesterday:
I've been working on frog masks, wild rose brooches and a new mask design which has been in my sketchbook for months. It's always so great to finally get round to trying out an idea, and though it isn't quite right yet it's getting there...

Today I'm putting in some hours on a custom mobile, lots of lovely bright colours to help cheer me up on a rather grey and miserable day. There's nothing quite like a bit of felt crafting for some instant colour therapy.


Anonymous said...

Love the frog masks - very cool!

Dark Fairy said...

I too love the frog masks- your table looks very tidy. My table never gets that tidy, except at Christmastime when I have to cram my materials all over the house.

love n light


Cheryl Patterson said...

Your workspace looks well organized compared to my usual "piles". I love the frog masks!

Lisa said...

Oh, I sooo envy your neat work spaces. My boyfriend has been away for several weeks, and my crafting has spread over the entire house - even into his studio! My big chore for the day is to try to reign it all in.

Love your flowers - can't wait to see them finished.