Saturday 4 April 2009

Surprises in the Post

I don't normally do much swapping, but recently I've traded some stuff with Lucy of Summersville and Sarah & Jon of The Lapwing Printworks ... and both their parcels arrived this morning!

Jon & Sarah sent me a set of gorgeous bookplates which will soon be adorning some of my boyfriend's many books (they were even kind enough to personalise them for him). Plus they included two surprises, sweet printed notecards and a handbound notebook:
I took rather a long time choosing just one of Lucy's screenprinted fabrics, but I eventually chose a piece of Twist in rose pink and very yummy it is too.... but she also sent me a print of the Plantlife pattern she's been using recently for these pieces. *Swoon*Such a nice way to start off the weekend!


Rhiannon said...

How lovely! Hurrah for such pretty post, especially the blue and white niceness :D

Rebekah said...

Pass the smelling salts! That plantlife print makes me a little swoony, too!

Fabric Nation said...

Lovely swap! I met jon & sarah at Handmade Cambridge this weekend. They were lovely to chat to and their print work looks even more wonderful when you can see it for real.