Saturday 25 April 2009


I've never seen so many blog comments! :)

There's still time to leave a comment - you have until midnight BST tonight (25th April) - then I'll be announcing the lucky winner tomorrow. EDIT: commenting is now closed, thankyou!

Meanwhile, I've finally re-opened my online shop after my break, and have been packing up some mini felt rainbows in my sunny office (aka my kitchen) ...I'm planning a weekend filled with lots and lots of sewing, stocking up on a few things, working on some custom orders and trying out a few new ideas, so I should hopefully have some fun work-in-progress shots to show you all soon!


Rhiannon said...

congrats on the huge comment load, you totally deserve it

i like that your office is your kitchen - mine's my living room :)


Mixing-Katie said...

Love those stacks of felt! That is a LOT of crafty goodness waiting to happen.

The Dress Tree said...

Ooo I'm envious of your productivity! I'm having one of those "meh" kind of weekends where I plan to get tonnes done, but don't manage to achieve anything other than drinking a gallon of tea.

Ho well. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Tumus said...

I'm actually envious of your teapot/teacup collection in the background there lol

Gherkin said...

Lovely pictures of beautiful felt! I will be ordering some soon!


Anonymous said...

hi there..

i'm jaja from malaysia..
i've been reading ur blog for a year now...

i adore ur craft works very much..

i just wanna ask where i can get those beatiful colour of felts..

here in malaysia, it is quite difficult to get it plus the price is expansive.

i would like to have bunch of felts too so i can supply it here in malaysia bcoz nowadays, felts become popular here..

if you don't mind,can you share with me where i can get felts with cheaper price..

thank you in advanced..

frutejuce said...

What a lovely picture! All that lovely felt.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Sorry jaja but I don't give out the details of my wholesalers! If my felt packs aren't what you want I'm sure you can find lots of suppliers by searching the internet for "craft felt" etc.